SharePoint 2016 Limitations

In spite of small improvements, there still are distinct challenges that are presented by SharePoint 2016 which most SharePoint Developers will agree with:

Single Server Install

Within the past, it was probable to install SharePoint upon one server. In this version, it’s no longer possible. The removal of the critical feature proves inconvenient for a few organizations, even though most will have the ability to instead leverage installation of a cloud server without facing any difficulties.

Free SharePoint

Also, Microsoft removed the scaled-down, free “SharePoint Foundation” version of the product from the release. This means small businesses currently need to pay for the complete enterprise product, instead of having the ability to benefit from SharePoint with a free, more modest offering.

Though the removal of the option likely will anger some users, it won’t impact most businesses who already are paying for the complete SharePoint version, as the free version always has been limited in its abilities.

Business Intelligence and Social

Additionally of note, SharePoint 2016 will lack BI abilities. Microsoft removed BI services from SharePoint 2016, alongside social tagging features like the capability of “liking” specific content. But, alternative cloud services are obtainable for businesses which previously relied on those features.

InfoPath Forms Services

Lastly, the future of a tool integrating with SharePoint to permit users to change SharePoint list forms, InfoPath Forms Services, still is uncertain. A few users made heavy usage of the tool, and created a multitude of list forms. About 2 years ago, Microsoft reported that it had plans to withdraw support from InfoPath. At present, this tool still gets support, yet it isn’t certain for how long it’s likely to continue for SharePoint Developers.


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