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Understanding SharePoint Development

SharePoint is a web application development platform that was launched by Microsoft in 2001. It is a highly complex Content Management System (CMS) that offers numerous features for the Business Support System (BSS).
Essentially, SharePoint is a back-end system that enables communication and synchronization between the internal parts of an organization. The goal of such a system is to ensure that a large-scale company can efficiently manage all its employees to ensure consistency and coordination throughout the workforce.
Here are some of the main ways in which businesses utilize the SharePoint service.
A private network within your company that allows you to share announcements, news, scheduled tasks, and associated information with your employees. You can provide different levels of access to the various departments in your organization as appropriate. It also provides your business with a social networking platform to enable employees to connect with each other.
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Top Tips For PHP Developers

PHP is a flexible programming language that allows you to achieve the same objective through several different ways. The programming language is easy to learn but tough to master. The following are a few tips that can help you become a more organized and efficient PHP developer.
Use <?php and ?>:
Never start your PHP script with <? ?>. This may work with your server, but it may cause errors in others. To avoid this, always use <?php ?> at the beginning of your code.
Add annotations and indentations:
Sometimes, understanding your own code can be quite a tough job. This is because there are numerous lines of code that seem complicated at first look. You can improve the readability and understanding of your code by adding comments to it as you develop. It is also good practice to indent code blocks in your program to make it clearer.
Use the ternary operator:
A ternary operator is a wonderful programming expression that minimizes the number of lines in your code. It repla…

4 Web Development Tools to Improve the Performance of your Website

The leading 4 web development tools that may improve the performance of your website include:
HTML Entity Character LookUp Tool
The tool assists in ensuring that each one of the characters that appear on the pages are validated. Also, it allows you to browse the entity base upon the basis of its looks and so you can do so, it’ll search the whole list of HTML entities for matches with a character which is searched for the most.
Basecamp includes a project management tool that has specifically been made for web developers. It permits them to collaborate and manage the whole project with ease. It efficiently can integrate with mail and may run on clouds on secured servers. Since its introduction, it has been accepted by the industry around the world for its amazing array of features.
It’s an incredible tool which facilitates spawning of the icons within a simple way in the form of web font. The app permits developers to pick the icons up thatthey want for compiling into c…

Benefits of Mobile App Development

Today, the global mobile space is increasingly becoming crowded with various smart apps and innovative tools, making their presence felt in more ways than one. In order to thrive within this dynamic economic space, it’s important for businesses to get on the bandwagon and present highly functional and fast paced multi-channel challenges both for their employees and customers.
The growing reach of social media apps and networking platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, etc., brought about a paradigm shift within the ways in which business is being done. The integration of mobile apps and additional allied platforms truly have complimented the benefits provided by social platforms and are offering reasonable ways to address the requirements of today's mobile savvy generation.
Quickly becoming a standard for efficient Internet interactions, the advantages of mobile app development done by an iPhone developer are many. They include:
The convenience and ease of sharing an…