Apple said to have curved iPhone by 2017

iPhone developers will be happy to know that Apple reportedly will launch three new iPhones in 2017, which include one premium model that has a curved display like the ones used with Samsung devices.

The description is fairly vague, and might mean an iPhone that has the more visible curves of the Galaxy S7 Edge, or the Galaxy Note 7’s subtler lines. Also, Nikkei quotes an analyst that claims that Samsung is going to be a supplier for the new displays. Also, the publication reports that the premium iPhone is going to utilize OLED for its screen — something which previously has been rumored, with earlier sources implying that a 5.8” OLED display will be ready for the device.

Nikkei reports that it previously was expecting a "premium" 5.5” unit to be launched this year, too, yet states the device was scrapped by the brand, and that the business instead will be releasing a regular 5.5” ‘iPhone 7 Plus’ as well as 4.7” ‘iPhone 7.’ It is worth saying that Nikkei's source does not mention the fate of the (4”) iPhone SE within 2017.

Apple is set to uncover new iPhones in September. Sources for Nikkei backs prior reports from Bloomberg and other ones that the 5.5” unit is going to come with a dual camera system, whereas the 4.7” unit will utilize a single lens. We are expecting the phones to look like the iPhone 6S and 6 designs, just with less pronounced antenna lines, pressure sensitive home button, and removal of the headphone jack. For more details, please visit here: iPhone developer India.


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