Google Working on Navbar Customizer

Android developer professionals will be interested in knowing that, Marshmallow, System UI Tuner only was presented; however, it already has a lot of features, with one that graduates to a complete feature. The following thing Google is working upon for it includes a navbar customizer, which allows extreme customization of the currently standard back home recent navigation bar.

At present, the navigation bar customizer is concealed inside Nougat's code. The search engine’s first commit that contained the code was on Jan. 22 – then, according to the GitHub commit message,it removed the feature in Feb. 24 because it 'was not ready'. A source managed to re-enable this customizer by modding System UI, as well as, for good measure, sent out screenshots and description of every navbar modifier.

According to the source, all of the standard buttons upon the navbar are removable; new ones may be added if wanted. The all-new items involve a button where any keyboard function may be assigned to it, a clipboard button, a keyboard/menu switcher, and a spacer. Upon the right-hand part of the screen, you’ll view a double-headed arrow, two lines and a cross. They move and control the buttons; the arrow will resize the icon, the cross will entirely remove the button, and the two lines permit for moving the item around upon the navbar (i.e. left or right). Apparently the key code and clipboard options do not work, so that probably is at least a reason why it was left concealed in 7.0 Nougat.

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