How has Technology Streamlined the Process of Sales?

Here is a look at some of the technological tools that businesses are using to streamline the process of selling:

Big Data

Within today’s world, competitive advantage for sales businesses largely depends on the capability to successfully capture, analyze, and manage large customer data volumes which contains insights into customer buying habits and behaviors. In spite of this, the average business just analyzes around 12 percent of the data which they have available. It’s where “big data” technology will come in.

With big data analytics tools, sales businesses now can manage prospecting, an important step in the process of sales.

Social Platforms

The social technology explosion gave rise to numerous social media channels for engaging and attracting new clients, an important measure in getting a client inside the sales funnel. Social media channels offer opportunities for businesses to “shake hands” with clients, interacting with them in conversations regarding services and products for insights which might produce a sale. Unlike traditional sales, social media will make it probable to shake millions of hands from around the world all at one time.

Sales Force Automation Systems

Studies show that companies without automation spend 71% of their resources and time defining and planning business processes. The exact same will hold true for sales businesses. Selling will require numerous time-consuming, tedious, as well as repetitive tasks, like sending follow-up emails, scheduling sales appointments, as well as updating sales opportunities. SFA (Sales Force Automation) solutions automate multiple tasks, and free sales employees up to concentrate on tasks which produce more revenue and sales.

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