What to Consider While Selecting Web Developers

It is easy to fall in the trap of focusing too much on the price of a website during the process of proposal. Below are the some other things to consider while hiring web developers:

Service after Sale

You have a desire to be important to your web company after and during the development of a project and the best method of determining if you will be is by checking how the developer’s other customers were treated after their websites launched. How many of their customers were repeat clients? Do they have continual working relationships with customers after launching of a website?

Do they provide comprehensive services?

A company that is able to deal with your whole project – from the first planning and strategy, to the development, design, marketing and testing – will have the ability to assist in formulating a plan for your site then see it through all of the stages of its life-cycle. You’ll have the ability to have one company to contact rather than several vendors who might or might not know how their  ‘piece’ fits in the overall plans, or work well with others.

Are they qualified? What are their Credentials?

Do they go to workshops, conferences, webinars, etc.? Does the company offer continuing education for the employees? Do they have certifications within the relevant expertise areas? Are key members of the staff known for their experience, and are they recognized as being highly active within the industry?

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