Why Choose PHP Over Additional Scripting Languages?

Rather than listing the reasons why individuals do select PHP (mainly widespread availability), instead, let us concentrate on when you shouldn’t select PHP:

While considering command line applications

If you are constructing a command line app, it isn’t the right option. Absolutely, there will include decent approaches to constructing CLA using PHP; however, it just is not meant for that. First and foremost, PHP is a web language, and a pure command line application is better constructed in something else.

As it seems easiest

If it seems the easiest of the bunch and that is your only motivator, your heart is within the wrong place. The scripting language may quickly grow complicated, and while admittedly, the entry path is easier than with additional languages, the pro level will share its complexity with alternatives. Performing serious work is similarly challenging in any language.

Just because the shared hosting provider supports PHP

If you are utilizing a shared host, and like the fact that it’ll support PHP (perhaps even a not fully archaic version such as 5.3), stop. If you are calling yourself a PHP developer, you never should use a shared host for anything except the banalities such as very simple demos, domain management, or custom web mail.

Computationally intensive software

As you expect to be handling a bunch of heavy calculation, statistics, math and the like, there will include better options – particularly if the application does mainly this, and little else.

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