PHP Tools: What are Different Kinds?

As far as common usage while browsing PHP tools that a PHP developer uses is concerned, specific applications will be more commonplace than other ones. Within general PHP development, debuggers include amongst the main applications used. PHP debuggers provide complete control of script execution over to a programmer. Usage of the tool permits a developer to run code one line at a time in order to isolate problems.

PHP encoders

One big concern of developers includes script theft as well as code modifications that are unauthorized; in order to counteract this risk, PHP encoders may be utilized. Encoding tools are going to be able to alter source code to PHP specific byte codes. Performing this encoding will prevent unauthorized accessibility to code from outside sources. One extra advantage to encoding includes the acceleration of the operation which may be obtained with running a sequence of PHP byte codes in comparison with a standard script.


In addition, a visual PHP tool is obtainable in the form of a designer application as well as (WYSIWYG), or “what you see is what you get” tools. A designer application offers a visual aid in order to browse through hierarchical code structure, objects and functions. In order to help in creating a dynamic web page, “what you see is what you get” PHP tools will render a PHP code to the visual representation of a script. It permits a developer to see an estimation of the finalized page within development. hire php developer.


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