What Are The Skills Needed For A Responsive Web Designer?

Development and design are merging into one. With the Internet getting accessed from mobile phones and tablets, it has become imperative that websites create responsive web pages. Businesses are rushing to create these user friendly web pages to stay competitive. They need an experienced responsive web designer to create web pages that change as per the user’s needs.

As websites get a good amount of traffic from smartphones most businesses have started converting their websites to technology that can automatically respond to the user’s preference. As there are an endless number of screen sizes and resolutions, the designer has to create a website that can adjust to different screens and still look good.

CSS, HTML and JavaScript

CSS, HTML and JavaScript are the building blocks for web design and it is important that the web designer has adequate knowledge and skills in these programming languages. Apart from these basic languages, designers can also learn Angular and Node so that their skills stay relevant.

Master Responsive Design

Responsive design popularly known as flexible images, fluid grids and media queries is an intricate combination between design and execution. The designer needs to know what to look for when they are reviewing the early stage wire frames. They should know how to create and use visibility for different screen sizes.

Right Balance of Tools

The designers need to use the right balance of tools so that they can speed up the workflow process of designing a responsive website. Bower, Gulp, Grunt and Handlebars are some of the tools that can be used to build a great website experience for the user.

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