Does Google Love Responsive Designs?

Below I have detailed not just the reasons why Google adores responsive design, yet additionally, reasons why visitors to your site are going to love it. After all, a fresh site design which pleases the search engines yet which turns away traffic from your website isn’t of any use. So hire a responsive web designer who is familiar with these points.

Responsive sites are friendly on multiple devices

A responsive design in true sense will scale according to the size of the window. Not only this, images, video and font size of the content will resize accordingly to fir the window size. Any expert web developer understands this nitty-gritty and develops a site that is far more future proof than set rules. Also, a responsive web design appears good and easy to navigate.

Responsive websites will attract a higher amount of links to important pages

If a site just has a single URL for every page, all links attracted to these pages are going to be higher than if the exact same page was at several URLs. Similarly, if your mobile site is at a different sub-domain, the link power might be weakened.

Responsive websites may more easily be shared

On Twitter, each time I touch a link to be taken over to a website’s mobile version, it is very irritating. A page either will resize to fill the browser (yet without any of the design or graphics of the live website) or stay fixed within a thin column. Not one of those experiences makes me want to browse through the website, or read more.

Responsive websites may be indexed

One alternative to constructing a mobile site includes building an app which offers the exact same details. In this case the problem is that the search engine Google cannot index applications and thereby will not locate the content or have the ability to explore it.

Responsive websites still shrink down nicely to mobile screens similar to apps, and all the content you view also is available to the search engines. 

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